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Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything. A lot has happened since August 11th 2010.. wow yea 2010 that was quite a long time ago. I'm hoping to be more active with my blog. To kick off the new year here's a recap of the past year.

At the end of July 2010 I moved over to Seattle to live with my boyfriend Linhart our 6 year anniversary together is coming up soon! In December of 2010 we decided to get our very first pets together. We took in two sugar gliders a brother and sister and named them Momo and Petrie.
Petrie on our first visit
Momo on our first visit
Momo and Petrie in their Cozy Flower
Petrie in his Christmas Stocking 2012
Unfortunately the only photography I've done while I've been out in Washington is mostly just photos of Momo and Petrie and my fiber arts projects. I've been working quite a lot with my knitting and spinning more so on the later. I'll share some of the cool projects I worked on over the course of 2011.

8 oz of Seawool 70% Wool and 30% Sea Cell spun as singles on my Wee Peggy. 
Fiber purchased from Creatively Dyed.
Finished Seawool Weekend Shawl
Details of Seawool Weekend Shawl
Alpaca 50/Merino 30/Tussah 20 Blend from Woolgatherings
Spun Singles of my Wee Peggy
Weekend Shawl made for my Grandma as a Christmas present
In September 2011 I got a brand new Majacraft Aura spinning wheel which has made spinning so much more enjoyable.. not sure how that is even possible!

My Majacraft Aura
My first project on the Aura was All Spun Up "Odd Couple" kit October 2011 SAL.
 The color blend is 83% Mohair, 15% Nylon, and 2% Merino.
Secondary Wool with Odd Couple Kit. 70% SW Merino and 30% Alpaca
"Odd Couple" Kit in Blue
Finished "Odd Couple" Kit in blue 326 yards
I was inspired by Colorlessblue's gorgeous lace weight spinning and decided to pick up a Jenkins Turkish Delight.

Spinning some test fiber that came with my spindle
All Spun Up December 2011 SAL Fiber "Waterlilies"
Finished 2 oz in 2 ply 195 yards with 6 more ounces to go
The "Waterlilies" spinning I'm currently working on along with a scarf I'm knitting. While watching Doctor Who I noticed Amy Pond was wearing a gorgeous teal and black scarf.

As seen in Season 6 Episode 9 Night Terrors
The original scarf made by the Bohemian Wardrobe Company
A little over 50% done, colors are deeper than they actually are
"Great Weekend Mitts" to match my scarf. They still need the side panel and buttons called for in the pattern.
The last thing I'd like to share with you all is that Linhart and I have been shopping around for a HOUSE!! We are both really excited but it's been a stressful process. Hopefully sometime this year we will have a home to truly call our own. :)

Hopefully this year I'll have a lot more things to post about and be active at posting. Hoping everyone is having a wonderful new year so far!