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Thursday, September 16, 2021

I love green so much! This layer fills me with so much happiness! What’s your favorite color? #igspinners #handspunyarn #handspinning #yarnspinners #polwarth #polwarthwool #polwarthsilk #twfgreengallery #threewatersfarm #daedalusspinningwheels #daedalusmagpie

Slowly but surely! Started this braid last week Monday during @abbysyarns’s Office Hours Zoom. So far I’ve managed a single layer. 💚 For anyone who’s been curious about what the fabric piece is in my Magpie this is it’s purpose. It holds fiber when I’m not spinning which makes wheel transportation with fiber so much easier. #twfgreengallery #polwarth #polwarthsilk #spinningyarn #handspun #handspinnersofinstagram #Spin15aday #daedalusmagpie #daedalusspinningwheels

I will be photo editing live today at 7 pm PDT. Tonight’s photos will all be related to the Outlander Weave-A-Long hosted by @hookandshuttle. The photos I’m especially excited to show you all are macro photos of the woven structure. It’s unreal! The sort of detail you’ll see is above and beyond what I’m able to share normally on social media so don’t miss out! The stream will be on my Twitch account(link in profile). Those who have an account on Twitch will be able to use the live text chat to chat with me while I’m editing and ask questions. #photoediting #livestream #twitchstreamer #macrophotography #weaving #weaversofig #handweaversofinstagram #babymacomber #floorloomweaver #jstonlineguild #handwoven #handwoventextiles #handwoventwill #4shaftloom #hookandshuttle #hookandshuttlewal #hookandshuttleweavealong #outlander #outlanderweavealong

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Earlier I saw a post that made my heart race at the mention of using Clorox wipes on spindles. I thought I’d share some tips on cleaning your wooden spindles. The first thing to keep in mind is that most quality spindle makers use oil finishes. If you look up Clorox wipes and wood it mentions that you shouldn’t use them on untreated/porous wood as it can cause discoloration. While these wipes are ok on wooden surfaces like ones coated in polyurethane they are not ok for spindles that have been treated with oil finishes or wax. So what should you use to clean your spindles? I like to get to know my spindle makers and what they recommend for taking care of their spindles. Some makers will include information with their spindles or have a page about it on their website. Once I ended up with dye on the shaft of one of my Jenkins. I was so disheartened by this and reached out to Wanda Jenkins to see if she had any recommendations. She mentioned that lathering on wood wax like Woodbeams and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes before wiping it off with a soft cloth can help remove the dye from the wood. Another time I wanted to spin in the grease on one of my Jenkins but I was worried about how to clean the spindle so again I reached out. She recommended a 50/50 mixture of lemon juice and olive oil to cut the grease. Apply and leave for 5-10 min before wiping it off with a soft cloth. Both instances worked like a charm! I also like to give my spindles what I can a Spa Day, same goes for my wheels. About twice a year, once at the beginning of the year and around June I like to get all my spindles and wooden wheels out, dust them, and give them a good coating of Woodbeams. Let sit for 10 minutes and then buff it with a soft cloth. This helps keep the wood in peak condition. Photos are of one of my Spindle Spa Days. #spindlespaday #spindlecare #woodenspindles #dropspindle #supportspindle #turkishspindle #jenkinsturkishspindle #woodbeams #fibertools #spindlespinning #spindlersofinstagram

The joys of hand-wound yarn! When I wind on a #nostepinne usually the side facing me is all neat and tidy but the back side is not so much. It’s still beautiful though when you can see the layer underneath. Make sure to swipe to see the 100% resolution crop. This is Charollais/Bamboo/Silk dyed by @longdrawjames spun and chain plied on my Black/Teal Sparrow. James recently updated his shop full of all sorts of dyed pretties including #bluefacedleicester, #cormo, and #bombyxsilk #macroyarn #canonrf100macro #igspinners #handspunyarn #spinnersofinstagram #handspunwool #yarnspinners #spinningforsocks #handspunsocks #daedalusspinningwheels #daedalussparrow #electricspinningwheel

Saturday, September 4, 2021

So uh… some of you know that I’ve been trying really hard to work down my spinning Works in Progress as I’m currently at 19 WIPs. I got a text message from @akerworks asking if I’d mind shooting some photos for my absolutely favorite top whorl style drop spindles which should be releasing soonish. I dropped everything and made a mad dash through my sample stash to find the perfect little spin to show these pretties off. I couldn’t find a small sample to spin, but what I did see out of the corner of my eye was these incredibly stunning braids of Sunflower Fields on BFL dyed by @fossilfibers. At the time all I had was the Yellow and Grass Green spindles and the idea hit me, get an Emerald Green and Berry Blue to form a gradient to match the colorway. New spindles arrived today and the spin has started! It fills me with so much joy to spin a project on these spindles. So these new spindles, what makes them special? These are Small Modular Lotus whorls that were made to fit the Mini Spindle shafts instead of the modular shafts. The smaller diameter shaft gives this combination a super fast and long duration spin that goes on and on forever with the best spins going even long after my arm is no longer able to reach high enough. 😂 they make my heart sing. 🥰 #akerworksminispindle #minispindle #modularspindle #akerworksmodularspindle #fossilfibers #ilovegradients #spinnersofinstagram #handspunwool #handspinnersofig #yarnspinnersofinstagram