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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tour de Fleece July 15th - Fini

Wish I would have posted this earlier but it's been pretty busy lately better late than never. Here are the tales of my last half of the Tour de Fleece. :)

Day 15: Up to .08 spun on my Suri alpaca and only 5.6 oz left to spin of the Optim Merino. The day was lacking in the sunshine department so the photos were lacking their pizazz.

Day 16: Have spun .15 oz of Suri Alpaca. Things are going a lot more slowly being back home that that would change for the better guess not. Still making progress though :)

Day 17: I've come to the self realization that I'm completely failing at Stash Busting. I've only worked through 2 of my stashed items 1.18 of my Suri Alpaca out of 8 total on my Turkish Delight and 3.15 oz out of 8.5 oz Optim Merino. I think I'll blame being on vacation visiting family for 2 weeks with one week overlapping TdF and catching up with home life after being gone. Despite this I'm extremely pleased with what I've been working on. Both fibers I was hesitant to work with but I braved it out and really proud about it. :)

Day 18: I got in a little bit of spin time. so far I've spun 3.3 oz of the Optim Merino. Once I hit 4.25 I'll start on the second bobbin. It looks like this will be the only completely finished spinning project I'll get done for TdF. I'm going to try to get it finished and any left over time I'll put towards my Suri Alpaca.

Day 19: Spun more of the Optim Merino

Day 20: YAY!!!!! I finished half of the Optim Merino Today!!! 4.25 oz left more to go on a second bobbin.

Day 21: I half an ounce. I'm hoping to spin the rest tomorrow in time to ply on the final day but not sure if that's possible. I was also hoping to spin more Suri Alpaca.
The last remaining half of Optim Merino next to the finished half

Day 22: I managed to get a lot done!!! Between yesterday and today I've spun 2.25 oz of the Optim Merino. I could have probably finished it but my fingers are telling me it's time to take a break. I was thinking I could finish it all tomorrow and work on my Suri Alpaca but my dear sweet boyfriend had an amazing surprise for me when he got home from work. He's taking me to Orcas Island to see whales in the wild!!!(more on that in the next blog) I'll take my spindle with me for the drive up but don't expect to get much done.

Day 23: Took my Turkish Delight with me on my adventure to Orcas Island. I was able to get .15 done in the car and ferry.

End Results: By the last day of the tour I had spun a total of 1.33 oz of Suri Alpaca with only 1 oz completely plied for a total of 77 yards. I spun 6.5 oz of Optim Merino out of 8.5. I didn't really get anywhere near the stashbusting I was hoping for but I tackled two fibers I was nervous about spinning with and I'm completely happy with how they are turning out.

On July 27th I finished spinning the second bobbin of Optim Merino singles.

On July 30th Pling of the Optim Merino was finally completed. The final weight is 8.3 oz and I obtained 1,133 yards.  This is by far one of my favorite things I've spun. I love the colors and oh my goodness as soon as I pulled this off the niddy noddy the first thing i did was feel how plushie and soft it was and wrapped it around my neck. It is unbelievable soft. The skein hangs perfectly.

Next post: My Adventures with the Orcas :)