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Friday, July 31, 2015

What's Next?

Hiya Everyone,
Another year has gone by since my last post. I've been so busy lately between working for DeviantArt and working on my creative endeavors that I've lapsed in updating here. Unfortunately last week I lost my job with DeviantArt due to a layoff. For almost 10 years I had been there for the Community to help make DeviantArt's Help Desk Customer Service the best possible Customer Service across the web. Unfortunately this chapter of my life has come to a close and now I must decide what's next?

At this point there is much uncertainty on what I will do next. I absolutely loved waking up each morning and helping artists remotely with questions they had with the website and troubleshooting bugs they were experiencing to be able to collect and sort all of the important information that the deviousTechnology department needed to fix the issue. Besides all of my work I've done for this extremely large social networking website I'm also an artist and I wonder if perhaps that is the path I should take.

My first passion as an artist is photography with my main subject matter of choice being wildlife and nature but I am quite skilled at other forms of photography as well. I have an extensive collection of photography equipment including a several cameras both digital and film, lenses ranging from wide, macro, to telephoto, and even my own strobe kit. I've done wedding photography before but it's really not my forte and I was also the Photo Editor of my high school yearbook so I've had a lot of experience shooting at various events. I can be found taking photos on a very regular basis nearly ever day and no matter what I'm shooting I always shoot with an artistic frame of mind.

In addition to photography I'm also a fiber artist, spinning my own yarn and then knitting it up into my own finished objects ranging from shawls, hand warmers, socks, scarves, cowls etc. I use a variety of spindles including Turkish spindles and 3D printed drop spindles along with three wheels to create my yarn. I love knitting a variety of different things but one of my favorites is knitting lacy shawls. I also enjoy dabbling in other areas of fiber arts such as silk fusion paper, knotted bracelets, dyeing, and needle felting.

One of my more recent creative developments is learning how to use a 3D printer and develop my own models. We currently own two 3D printers a resin based printer and an extruder printer. I have been learning how to create my own models with a variety of 3D programs including SketchUp, 123D Sculpt +(formally known as 123D Creature), Sculptris, and 123D Design.

If anyone is looking to commission and/or hire someone for any of the following please contact me:

Photographer for fiber arts
Creation of handspun yarn
Teaching spinning and/or knitting
3D printing

I'm open for other ideas if anyone has anything particular in mind. For more information about my work experience please see my LinkedIn profile.