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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

About EWM

Thought I'd share a bit about myself! I recently graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a Bachelors in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography and minor in Art History. I took my first Photography class while in high school and got to use my dad's photography equipment. It was loads of fun only wish I had started photography earlier but better late than never! I specialize in Nature and Wildlife photography, but like to venture into other areas of photography if given the opportunity. My favourite places to shoot are nature parks, gardens, conservatories, and zoos.

I enjoy doing both pure photography as well as photo-manipulations digitally and traditionally in the darkroom.

Over the years, I have acquired an assortment of photography equipment and learned various photography processes. Toward the end of my time at the University I made a studio set up in my kitchen in order to use my dad's strobe lighting kit for both portraiture and floral still-life.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for flash photography I've grown quite fond of using the strobes and every once in awhile I purchase flowers at one of the local florist shops to shoot with my parents. We all have loads of fun though I can imagine the neighbors are wondering what on earth is all that bright light coming out of the kitchen windows LOL...

Outside of my photography I am a Help Desk Rep for deviantART which is one of my all time favourite sites to browse around as there is just so much art to see and so many artists to meet.

I also enjoy knitting and spinning yarn with my spinning wheel!

Lastly I'd like to end with my two most favourite pets ever! My two shiba inu Miko and Sami. They just turned 3 and my mom decided to start making a blog for them to record all the fun things about them. You can check them out at "Shiba What?" :)


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