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Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Finished Projects of the Year

My current projects have been taking me a lot more time than I had hoped. It's almost as if I'll never get any of them done, but I know given time they'll finally get finished. I felt like I needed some sort of quick knit fix to make myself feel better.. so I could say HEY I finished something! I was going through my stash over a week ago and came across a bunch of sock yarn I have stocked up. A few years ago I went yarn shopping with my Mom and she picked out some yarn for me to knit some socks up for her. Unfortunately the last pair I was working on the needles busted and never got around to fixing it. I forgot just how quickly I could knit up socks and how much fun and satisfying they are to knit. So far I've knitted up from a pair of matching yarn balls one pair of yoga socks and one normal sock with another to match soon. It feels great to be able to see that I have finished a recent project. I have four more balls of yarn that need to be knitted up into socks for Mom and several for myself.

Yoga Socks
Toe-up Socks

Stash of Sock Yarn
Here's my stash of sock yarn.. well it's only half of my stash. I have two balls of each color except for the black and tan Bamboo and Ewe. The gray scale Patons Kory Socks Jacquards along with the blue Patons Kroy Socks FX are both for my Mom and the rest are mine hehehe. I've been looking at a lot of sock patterns so far this weekend and I've seen a lot that I'd like to do though I'm not sure these types of yarns would work best for the patterns. Here's four patterns I have my eyes on.

Karree by Susanna Reese

Delicious Knee Socks by Laura Chau

Spot Check Sock by Beth Parrott
Spring Prairie by Sam Stevenson
See more beautiful sock patterns in my Favorites list on Ravelry.

Since my last update I've completed another 8 oz of "Tapestry" by All Spun Up the November Spin Along for 2011. I'm loving how beautifully Polwarth/Silk spins up and I'm feeling pretty comfortable with Navajo plying. Two of these bumps will become socks one pair for me and another pair for mom. Not sure what the other two bumps will become. It's really neat how despite being dyed with the same colors how differently each one turns out due to the variation of how much or how little certain colors show up.

In other news we are still waiting to hear back from the Seller's Lenders concerning whether or not they have approved our offer for the house we are hoping to buy. I really hope we get the place. The house is great needs some love but over all it's a wonderful place and the location is so tranquil. If we get it I know I'll be outside working during the summer soaking up the peaceful nature sounds and blue skies. More about the house to come if we do get it.

I've been contemplating the idea of dyeing roving and yarn to sell, just wary about dealing with the taxes involved. I think over the summer I'll get some roving and yarn for myself to experiment around with to see whether or not I enjoy dyeing enough to really get that involved with it. It's been awhile since I've done any dyeing but I do like playing with color and I think it would be something great to do in my spare time

Current Works in Progress
I've got several projects I'm working on most of them are fairly lengthy projects but I'll get them done eventually! Here's all I've got going :)

Tapestry November 2011 All Spun Up Spin Along 4/4 bumps spun
Water Lilies December 2011 All Spun Up Spin Along 1/4 bumps spun
Amy Pond Scarf 55%
Commissioned Scarf 38%
Toasted Almond Toe-up Socks for Mom 55%

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