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Monday, December 31, 2018

Wow! I had a hard time arranging everything for my end of the year post. This year I felt like I didn’t accomplish much outside of the two spins I did for @plymagazine but as with past years my end of the year pile of accomplishments shows me otherwise. It also shows maybe I was a bit too ambitious 😂 still have lots to do on my unfinished projects. In addition to the two skeins I finished for Ply, I finished 5 other skeins and I still have 7 on going projects. . For finished projects I have a skein of Polwarth/Silk dyed by @huckleberryknits, Racing through Puddles dyed by @threewatersfarm, 15.5 Micron Merino dyed by @woolgatherings, Cotton I spun and Navajo plied on the Aura from @hipstrings, and Merino singles for experimental overdyeing. The mini shawls were from #5days5shawls, each one is made from fiber I hand blended on combs and spun up on a Turkish Spindle. For ongoing projects I have3 on Jenkins Turkish spindles(one on heathered BFL by @greenwoodfiberworks, a big spin across 17 spindles on Rainbow Palace by @threewatersfarm, and the last an Aegean/Lark spin with Merino/Angora/Silk by @woolgatherings) , Malachite by @homesteadhobbyist on Wee Peggy, Organic Polwarth/Silk dyed by @woolgatherings on Geranium as well as Merino/Silk by @woolgatherings on #aVeryClassySpindle. One of my favorite non project spins was spinning on my Yellow Lotus spindle which was mostly spun while walking down and back from the mailbox. #Akerworks #AkerworksModularSpindle #Akerworksspindles #Geranium #handspunstagram #spinstagram #igspinners #spinnersofinstagram #handspun #handspunyarn #fiberfeature #wemakeyarn #fiberyfun365 #averyclassyspindle #akerworksniddynoddy #JenkinsTurkishSpindle #woolgatherings #greenwoodfiberworks #threewatersfarm #homesteadhobbyist #hipstrings

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