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Saturday, February 2, 2019

How did it get to be February already! I suppose I better intoduce myself for both #yarnlovechallenge2019 and #fiberuarychallenge. Hi everyone! I'm Evanita. I'm sure many of you have noticed at least outside of my massive postings from the Ply Article spin that I absolutely love greens and blues! I'm especially digging this Malachite colorway by @homesteadhobbyist and love to make my hair match it! Anywho, I was dragged down the fibery fun rabbit hole by my BFF @copper_moth over 12 years ago when she taught me how to knit and then a year after that she taught me how to spin. My primary passion is photography and I've found a way to combine my two passions by taking beautiful photos of my fibery projects. I currently work and teach for @fiberygoodness as well as help out as the Assistant Editor of tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine. My main fibery crafts are spinning and knitting but I also dabble a bit with weaving. . I was also tagged for the #spin15adayaboutme by @yarnmagician and @mrsmeadows_ so I better do that too! :) 1. My Wee Peggy's name is Ella. She was my BFF Leslie's first wheel and then she became my first wheel. I will always cherish her for that connection. 2. I've raised silkworms both domesticated and wild species. I grew up as a super bug nerd so I loved how I was able to combine two things I loved buggies and fiber. 3. After I got Ella I stopped spindle spinning as I didn't see the point since having a wheel was so much faster. It wasn't until I saw my first photo of a neatly wound Jenkins Turkish that I decided to pick up spindle spinning again. I immediately researched and purchased my first Jenkins. 4. My default weight is around 40WPI. I've got some projects planned well outside of my norm and it takes me a bit to warm up to spinning a lot thicker than that. It's something I want to work on a lot more this year to expand my experience. 5. I'm addicted to Navajo plying.. It's my absolute favorite way to ply. I love the motions of it and the way the yarn looks. I only ply this way on my Majacraft Aura as I love how the head can tilt to the right which gives me a lot more distance for my chain loops.

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