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Sunday, August 30, 2020

It has been a lot of fun seeing all the guesses come in for how much the yarn weighed that I packed onto a single Magpie Standard bobbin. Dave estimated that this bobbin could hold somewhere around 18-20 oz. When I started spinning on the Magpie for the TinyStudio Creative Life Magazine Review I planned out enough projects to meet this estimate and had a few backup projects to add on just in case I had exceeded it. I was in awe over just how much I was able to fit on this bobbin. Braid after braid this wheel showed no restraint and it felt like it was the never-ending bobbin as I had to keep digging out more and more in hopes of finally meeting the outer edge of the bobbin whorl. I ended up fitting a grand total of 781.31g(27.56oz) onto the one Standard bobbin. I am in awe and still very much in disbelief that all of this once fit on just a single bobbin. I'm eager to fill another bobbin full! Our closest guess was @cashmereannie. She guessed 27.6oz! She wins a 1-year tinyStudio Subscription along with some sweet loot from @daedalusspinningwheels and @spottedewefibers . We will also be awarding two runner-ups Marie Clews and Tineke Uit Den Boogaard with a copy of Issue 8. Thank you so much for everyone who entered this contest! Magpie by @daedalusspinningwheels. #handspunstagram #spinstagram #igspinners #spinnersofinstagram #handspun #handspunyarn #fiberfeature #wemakeyarn #fiberyfun365 #spin15aday #magpiespinner #daedalusmagpie #electricspinningwheel #daedalusspinningwheels #3dprinting #fiberygoodness #tinystudiomagazine #tinystudiocreativelifemagazine

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