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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

I was inspired by @doodler01 and @jillianmoreno to show my behind the scenes! While I don’t do any live classes I do quite a bit of zoom spin ins and of course a ton of photo shoots for myself as well as for @fiberygoodness. This is my main working area. I mostly use it for my photo shoots using a @paulcbuffinc #einstein640 strobe. I got a notification today that 6 years ago today is when my Einstein Strobe arrived. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been using it for 6 years! All of the beautiful photos I post here are shot right here using this strobe. I also set up my iPad on the surface for my weekly zoom spin ins. For anyone wondering what I’ve got my backdrop on it’s a futon with some wood supported on top it if you provide a flat surface. The backdrops are hung off the wall on a 3d printed wall mount I designed and printed. It’s getting time for me to change up my backgrounds. I’ve been loving using my sampler as a background so I’ll likely be moving towards hand made backgrounds in the future. #handspunstagram #spinstagram #igspinners #spinnersofinstagram #handspun #handspunyarn #fiberfeature #wemakeyarn #fiberyfun365 #spin15aday #supportedspindle #supporteddealgan #dealgan #longdrawjamesspindles #spottedewefibers #tinystudio #tinystudiomagazine #tinystudiocreativelifemagazine #starlingv3 #daedalusspinningwheels #paulcbuff

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