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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Ok so with any new tool there’s always things to learn and growing pains. My major issue with the @canonusa EOS R5 is that @adobe does an absolutely crappy job with the color profiles. It’s extremely gross and I’m so disappointed that I just upgraded from @adobe Photoshop CS 5 to the new subscription platform only to find out it can’t offer the same color quality I’m used to achieving with the 5D Mark II. I’ve tested several methods and so far the best solutions are @canonusa’s Digital Photp Professional but I have to convert each photo one by one which is inefficient OR I can splurge on $24 a month to subscribe to @captureonepro which seems to do a good job but is way too expensive especially when I just subscribed to @adobe @photoshop and @lightroom . I tried a 3rd party profile Color Converge and I was not impressed. I just spent another $25 on Color Fidelity… we’ll see how that compares when the color profiles get to me. I’m using an Einstein strobe by @paulcbuffinc with a color temperature of 5,600K. I pride myself in my color consistency in my photo projects that span over several months allowing for the photos to be consistently the same despite the coverage of time. I need my colors to be true and I need to achieve this consistently with ease. #canon #canoneosr5 #eosr5 #canonphotography #adobe #adobephotoshop #adobelightroom #captureone #captureonepro #colorfidelity #colorconverge

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