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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Driving Update

I just got home from practicing driving with Mom! I think it went quite well.. and I accomplished new goals and did better at some previous goals. Mom drove us out to her old neighborhood by Elmhurst Highschool. Accomplished a lot of new things and got better at some things I've already been working on. For one it was sprinkling and I haven't driven in that sort of condition so that was good learning experience.. and gave me a reason to drive slower LOL... Got to drive on some busier roads...or rather should I say tricked into driving into busier roads.. ok ok it was good for me and I'm feeling a lot more comfortable now. We spent about a good hour and 15 minutes driving. I think there was a good variety of environments including neighborhoods, busy streets, four way stop, curvy roads, school parking lot etc that made for great practice. We are planning on going out around the same area for practice Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this coming week.

Here are some new thing I go to do:

- Driving while it's sprinkling!
- Drive in a different neighborhood
- Practiced parking in an empty parking lot
- Drive on roads with stop lights
- Drive on a more busy road

Some previous goals that I'm getting better at:
- Driving the speed limit (around 25-30 in the neighborhood)
- Make better turns
- Remembering my turn signals
- Slowing and Stopping decently when necessary at intersections


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