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Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Driving

Just got back home with a Jamocha shake in hand from Arby's mm delicious. Mom took me out driving around Elmhurst High school again and I got to drive around there for a bit and then we moved towards the Gravel Pit area to find out if we could see get to the Frog Rock on Sand Point.. alas we were unable to they have fenced it up and labeled it private property.

While driving by the Gravel Pit I got to drive in a bit of country which was nice only to realize... on the way back I had to go through an intersection with normal lights(the only other one I had been through was a flashing all way stop).... first one and it went well! On our way back towards Elmhurst we drove over to Indian Village nice neighborhood with some busier streets.

All in all it went quite well.. just need to focus more on my slowing down and turning and keeping away from the side of the road. Mom might let me drive from Elmhust all the way back home which is about an 8.5 mile drive. Excited and nervous but feeling a lot better about driving. :)


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