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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Learning to Drive

Over the past couple weeks I've been driving around my neighborhood with my mom learning how to drive.. so far it's going pretty good with the few slip ups here and there but nothing too major. Some of the highlights so far are driving 20 mph, drove 1 mile away from home to west state blvd and back, and parked in a parking spot and backed out of it.. yea I know nothing too big so far but making progress and that's what is important right?! Anywho thought I should post some goals up to monitor my progress better. Will add more when I think of them and will check things off as I accomplish them :)

Update 3.16.10
Drove around for about an hour :)
Turning and staying away from curbs is improved and got to park and back out once.

Update 3.20.10
Drove out to Aunt Carol's in the country from off highway 14 to her house. Manage to drive comfortably around 35-40 mph. On the way back drove from State down Eastbrook back home.

Update 3.28.10

Update 4.2.10

Update 4.4.10
Drove around Elmhurst and Indian Village Again. After we finished driving I drove from Elmhurst all the way back home about a 6.5 mile drive through town/downtown. Went better than I thought it would!

Helped mom out at her Shutterbug Show & Sale and someone had to take the dogs out and feed them during the show. Mom let me drive from Franke Park back home with dad and then back to the park. Went great with the exception of accidentally going the wrong way! Fear not I was able to turn around and head in the better direction hehe. It was the first time dad got to drive with me and he was quite impressed YAY!

Update 4.11.10

Drove Papi back home on the south end of town in the around 9pm. Went fairly well. :)

Drove over to Hobby Lobby so mom could pick up a few extra frames for her gallery show coming up this summer. Then we drove back home and then stopped over at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo to pick up Papi unfortunately his zoo photo day got rained out. Got to watch Serendipity one of my favourite movies and later that evening dropped Papi off back at his house and then drove over to the St Joe Hospital Garage to pick up my brother Pete from his work. Over all went pretty good even though the drive in the evening was through some pouring rain.

Drove over to Pet Supplies Plus and then off to the gas station while it was pouring. Then went to walmart to pick up groceries. Got to learn how to back up in to the drive way.. went better than pulling into a parking spot surprisingly..

Practiced parallel parking with a couple trashcans out in the parking lot for the Salon behind our property. Went decent enough for it being a bit dark out. Will be practicing more this weekend. ^_^

Driving Goals!
- Drive in a different neighborhood
Drove around mom's old neighborhood and Indian Village

- 40mph!
Handling 40 mph better but need to try better and keeping a consistent speed

- Driving proper speed limit
Getting better though.. I caught myself GOING over the limit (4.2.10) OPPS

- Dealing with weather conditions
Dealt with sprinkling decently (3.28.10)Dealt with pouring rain on 4.24.10 went over fairly well.

- Make better turns (ie turn into the right section of the road better)
Improving however need to do better at the speed at which I'm turning.. it's either too slow or a bit too fast.

- Stay away from the curbs!
Doing ok about the curbs but not as good at the staying off the side of the road on roads without curbs

- Practice parking and backing out

- Drive on roads with stop lights
Gone through a blinking red light all way stop and through a normal light intersection (4.2.10) Went through several while driving through town on 4.4.10 :)

- Drive in the country
Twice so far and getting better just need to stay off the side of the road!

- Parking lot driving
Once so far not too bad

- Backing Up
I've done a bit of backing up but need a lot more practice

- Drive with someone new
Got to drive with dad on 4.10.10 went really well!

- Drive all the way to New Haven (where the BMV is where I will take my driving test)
- Parallel parking dun dun dun...
Practiced for about 20-30 minutes in the parking lot of the Salon behind our property with 2 trashcans as fake cars.. went not too shabby for it being a bit dark out. Will practice more soon (4.29.10):)

- Reverse parking
A couple times backing up into our drive way.

- Changing lanes
Doing pretty good with changing lanes just need to make sure to be observant.

- Drive to Walmart
Went to the Walmart out on Maysville Road (4.11.10)

- Drive to PetSmart
- Drive to the Firefly


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