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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rowdy Shiba Boy

Earlier this evening Mom was talking to my Dad about this cute male Shiba Inu puppy she saw at the pet store on Friday. Of course he was all excited about it as he absolutely loves our two Shiba girls and they in turn love him a gazillion times more they go absolutely bonkers when he stops by. It was getting late but we figure might as well stop by the pet store before someone decides to take him home.

We got Miko and Sami ready to go with their harnesses and pretty bandannas and headed out to check out the cute Shiba fluffball. When we got there the employees were all awwww your back again are you going to take the Shiba home with you? As adorable as he was we'd rather not purchase a dog at a pet store nor do any of us have a need for anymore pets we have our hands full as it is. We did get to play with the little fluffball in one of the little pens they have to let you get acquainted with the puppies.

So we get the fluffball into the pen and boy talk about ROWDY!!! Dad and I were in the pen while mom was holding on to the girls outside of the pen. I don't ever remember Miko and Sami being quite that rambunctious. He loved to run around and play tug-o-war with this dishcloth they had knotted up. I tried to pick him up a few times but he wasn't too fond of being held.. he kept bashing his head into my chin.

However!!! Dad picked him up and surprisingly well wait not really surprisingly seeing as how Miko and Sami go absolutely gaga for him.. anywho surprisingly the puppy allowed him to hold and pet him without putting up too much of a fuss.

Of course the pet store people wanted to see how well our two Shibas would get along with the puppy which we simply stated wouldn't work out. Last time this happened the little rascal we got to see was all over our girls and they were freaking out! We thought ok maybe if we hold on to this little guy that maybe we could see how that goes... HAH not quite the reaction we anticipated.. the little fluffball used the "Shiba Scream" scared both dad and me, our pupperoos as well as the entire store.. I'm sure they probably thought I was strangling the poor thing.. Not sure why it started screaming but we took the girls out right away.

Dad absolutely loved the puppy and I do think it would do him a great deal of good to have some sort of pet but unfortunately at this time he'll need to prep himself for it as he's not quite ready for one yet. Maybe some day though :)

I hope that whoever buys this little rascal enjoys him and takes very good care of him!

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